Ends, Beginnings

Time is not always so kind.. We age, and (usually) gain more responsibilities.. And so, due to schedule constraints with school & work, this lookbook can be considered retired.

It had a good run. We started this thing for fun between close friends. I love them dearly.
Thanks to Jesusheist for beginning this project with me. And for inspiring me in so many ways.
Thanks to Nightmare for everything, really. He’s been by my side, as loyal friend and dear RP bro since the day we met. Him and I founded the Yatagarasu clan and I couldn’t be more happy with these people I consider family.
And despite what you may or may not think about this lookbook, let me set something straight, if there is any doubt.
This was never about anything other than appreciating aesthetics. A visual affirmation that ordinary people could inspire a sort of perpetual creativity, inspiration and feeling in this small world we call Second Life.

I bid the rest of you adieu.

To follow our members, Jesusheist Resident & Nightmare Rain can be found in many other blogs as guests, as well as featured models. Links will be provided shortly.

Miyu, out.